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The Benefits Of Trading With IQ Option – A Review

What Are The Benefits Of Trading With IQ Option?

What is IQ Option? IQ Option is an online trading platform. As of 2017, the website boasts more than 25 million registered traders. As of the same year, the transaction per day a just shy of 2 Million with a trading volume of 380 Million Dollars per month. There are 78 stand-by specialists always there to help you with any problem you may face along the way, and the platform is working with traders from 151 countries around the world. Not to mention the awards amassed in its young life among them the 2017 Award of Excellence for being the best in the Financial Category in 2017. For a company founded in 2013, they have indeed become a global trading platform juggernaut.

Just to get a glimpse of how big this company has become, you need to go no farther than the IQ Option reviews they have received. They range from ‘Forex report’ to ‘Live Trading News’ with the earliest of praises coming in 2014, barely a year out of the blocks. The praise is resounding which is a true testament of their quality and reliability. To sum it up, here is what Shayne Heffernan of Live Trading News has to say: “In options trading, there are many apps that exist and yet don’t get the job done, but for Digital Options, traders are presented with a new set of opportunities, tonnes of flexible instruments and an app that makes binary options trading smoother.”

So the question begs, what is so phenomenal about IQ Option. Here is what you need to know.

Opening an Account

Whether a real account or a Demo account, the ease of opening an account on IQ Option is effortless. All that is required is for you to fill in your personal details once you are prompted and the rest, as they say, is history.

Easy To Use

The platform interface is straightforward to use once you access it. You can adjust the user interface color, chart types (area/graphs, lines, bars or candlesticks). The view can also be modified to suit your liking from width and height to duration spans ranging from hours to days to theme colors. You can choose to see how an asset has been moving the entire day or just for the last one hour. Over and above that, it offers you screen layouts that allows you to follow and trade in more than one asset simultaneously.


Every app nowadays needs to be at the palm of your hands, but putting trading at your fingertips has not been made more literal than by IQ Option. This might not be a big deal, but what might be is that IQ Option has received the award for ‘Best Mobile Platform’ which goes a long way to say ‘We deliver’ more than anything else. IQ Option is trading reliability placed at the palm of your hands

In Built Analytical Tools

IQ Option goes beyond the call of duty by its attempt to make trading less of a nightmare for it users by availing you with analytical tools that go a small way in helping you make a decision. Indeed, once you choose a commodity/asset to trade in, it automatically displays for you the potential profits, in percentages, that you can make.

Size of Investment

Trading is a risky affair, and it goes without saying that each trader requires to decide the amount of investment they would want to put in. IQ Option makes this very easy once you choose your commodity because it prompts you to determine the size of the investment you would like to make. As you do so, it computes the possible percentage of profit and displays it for you in Dollars or the currency you are trading in reducing the usual confusion that thinking in percentages can sometimes result in. No need for guesswork, all is done for you.

Real Life

The information displayed on IQ Option is as is. It is current and real-life trading which means that no matter where you are in the world, you stand an equal chance to make a gain on a stock. All users irrespective of geographical location are receiving the information in its present condition.


Let us say you are following the behavior of an asset on your screen and you want to make a purchase, IQ Option allows you to buy using the Put and Call Options displayed on your screen depending on your prediction. But you are not limited to do this for one asset. The platform offers you the option to trade in multiple assets simultaneously. All you have to do is to go the asset section and add the assets you are interested then go ahead to choose a layout format of your choice in the grid layout.

What are Binary Options?

You do not know what Binary Options are? Relax, they have 78 specialists who will answer all your questions 24/7 are can do so in 14 languages across the globe from wherever you may be. There is no need to fear to invest, start slowly and learn along the way. You will be guided along the way into a future of financial wisdom. More so, if you are not prominent in risk-taking, why not open a Demo account at first? Then once you have learned the ropes, then you can dive right in. To top it all up, there are video tutorials for beginners and a rich blog where you can learn how to go about the trade, literally.

Variety of Assets for Trading

Maybe the biggest buzzword in the financial markets has been Cryptocurrency and what is really exciting about IQ Option is that you can buy and sell Cryptocurrency on IQ Option. Over and above this, you still have at your disposal all the other traditional types of assets to buy and sell.

Options trading is a risky affair, and a disclaimer would suffice here to mention that most gurus of trading say ‘Invest in money you are ready to lose.’ That being as it may, IQ Option is a friendly partner that helps you in a small way to navigate these treacherous waters much more smoothly.

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